Tempest film

Tempest film is an effective see-through barrier to data loss from WiFi, Bluetooth and IR frequencies through windows.

Product :

ULTIMA SIGNAL DEFENCE 2500 is an optically clear, minimally tinted PET window film giving RF spectrum window protection. The film has high light transmittance and low reflectivity resulting in very low visual impact.

The surface applied film has been the US Government's choice for TEMPEST film protection. SD 2500 is ideal for specific purpose RF barrier applications on glass windows where prevention of data loss is critical. ULTIMA SD 2500 has also successfully been used in Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF's), in addition to being a highly effective lnfra Red barrier.

Applied window films have been Government's choice for providing high RF and IR attenuation with high visible light transmittance and low reflectivity (low aesthetic impact). Because of the high RF and IR attenuation, ULTIMA SIGNAL DEFENCE allows Secure Compartmented Information Facilities to have windows. From a Technical Surveillance Counter-Measure (TSCM) prospective, US Department of Defense has stated that "ULTIMA SIGNAL DEFENCE Films are the least expensive method to mitigate the largest amount of eave dropping and espionage techniques".

ULTIMA SD 2500 meets the high bar set by NSA/CSS Policy, while both the ULTIMA SIGNAL DEFENCE 1000 and ULTIMA SIGNAL DEFENCE 2500 both satisfy ICD 705 and 702 and are the standard for US Intelligence Agencies, the US Department of Defense and other government organizations. Available in 2.5mil (65µ) and 10mil (250µ) film-thickness.

ULTIMA SD Films are used as RF Sheltering films or Electro-Magnetic Interference or EMI control films to protect equipment and people from external rogue and/or excessive RF field intensities. Electro-magnetic Field or EMF sensitivity is becoming more thoroughly understood and ULTIMA SIGNAL DEFENCE Film's EMF blocking performance may be a helpful aid for people with this concern or sensitivity.


As an effective see through barrier to data loss from WiFi, Bluetooth and IR frequencies through glazed systems for Government and Corporate HQ buildings, SCIF's, Data Storage Centres, Legal Centres and buildings where prevention of data leakage is paramount.